"Njerëzit tërheqës japin këshilla më të besueshme"

“Njerëzit tërheqës japin këshilla më të besueshme”

Sipas Universitetit Amerikan Antigua ekzistojnë shtatë cilësi të rëndësishme që duhet të ketë çdo mjek.

Dhembshuri, etikë në punë, profesionalizëm, njohuri, besim, përulësi dhe pasion – kjo është një listë e rëndësishme, mirëpo duket se atraktiviteti është harruar. Siç tregojnë studimet, njerëzit tërheqës janë më bindës dhe japin këshilla më të besueshme.

Më poshtë keni fotografitë e 20 mjekëve të rinj që po rrëmbejnë vëmendje të madhe./21Media


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“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. ” ― Hippocrates ❤️⛑ #love #health #happiness

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“Você pode cuidar das pessoas, mas não pode fazer escolhas por elas.” A Medicina que cada vez mais acredito é a da prevenção. E é ela que hoje apresento para os meus pacientes de consultório. Não somos seres criados para envelhecer e ficar doentes. O estar doente, na maioria das vezes, vem de escolhas erradas que fazemos ao longo da vida. Escolher e praticar um estilo de vida saudável é o segredo de se envelhecer com qualidade de vida. Escolha um esporte que goste, faça musculação ( você vai precisar de músculos quando ficar velhinho ), alimente-se bem (comer comida de verdade não tem erro), procure se estressar menos, medite, faça e pense o bem ( a vida é um bumerangue para atitudes e pensamentos ), ame-se, cuide-se!!! #nutrologia #longevidadesaudável #medicinadoesporte

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How’s everyone’s #Thursday going?

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ความเครียดหายได้ ด้วย รอยยิ้ม

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Everyone hears that “becoming a doctor is hard” but no one that hasn’t done it themselves could ever really understand how challenging it is – physically, mentally, emotionally. We sacrifice our best years in hopes to serve others. But at the same time, we learn and see amazing things, help others at their most vulnerable, and become something totally new. . I am partnering with #doctorgrind to showcase the amazing doctors in this world and all the hard work that they do. Check out the link on their page @doctorgrind . . . #futuredoctor #futuredoctors #doctor #doctorslife #doctors #doctorlife #medicalschool #medlife #medschool #medstudent #medstudents #premed #md #usmle #physician #studygram #studyblr #studying #hotguys #medical #healthcare #healer #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurgoals #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneursofinstagram

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Day 1 of 4 straight over the holidays! ————————————————- Here are my holiday tips to stay in shape: 1️⃣Drink lots of water: this helps your body function best and flush toxins. Also, reduces the effects of the the potential hangover 2️⃣Burn some extra calories in the gym! Push yourself for a few extra sets or add in 15 minutes of cardio for the week to balance the excess calories that may be consumed 3️⃣Lower your calories a few days before and a few days after your holiday dinner. With the large amount of calories that comes with a holiday meal, lowering your cals for a few days before and after work offset this. Also try keeping your calories low throughout the day leading up to this meal 4️⃣Don’t stress! Ultimately you’ll likely just gain a bit of water weight that’ll come right off once you get back on track 5️⃣Try out intermittent fasting! This is a great tool to help keep your calorie intake structured. It works perfect for occasions as you can fast all day, only consuming water and black coffee until your main meal; that way you won’t hurt your calorie intake by much

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“I will never forget seeing what hate can destroy and I will never forget what love can heal.” – Steve Maraboli ———— September 11, 2001 9/11 was a series of four attacks by a terrorist group against the U.S. killing 2,996 people injuring 6,000 and caused 10 billion dollars in infrastructure damages. Additionally days to weeks after the horrific event a rise in respiratory diseases and cancer was noted. ———— I was six years old when September 11 took place. I remember changing in preparation for elementary school when I turned on the television. The first thing I noticed was a large plane hitting a tall building. Within minutes another plane hit a tall building. At the time I did not know what was going on and I remember yelling my father’s name exclaiming what I just saw. I was scared out of my mind. ———— Fast forward 17 years I now have put myself in a position to save lives. I want to thank all service men and women who gave up their life to save others and continue to do so on a daily basis! I can’t thank your service enough!

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What about this past year has you smiling? #wearfigs

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#WorkUpWednesday | Altered Mental Status – Ep.1 . Pt comes to the ED via EMS after family called because patient is “just not acting right.” Vitals are currently stable, they arouse to tactile stimulation but are only oriented to self. After receiving report and gathering some background information you find out patient has a hx of liver failure but also fell two days ago fell and hit there head pretty hard. . There are 2 main concerns here. Does the patient have a intracranial hemorrhage as a result from the fall two days ago. What is the patients ammonia level? Elevated ammonia levels are a complication of the liver not working properly and can help as a confirmatory test for hepatic (portal systemic) encephalopathy. Other than a full assessment and being placed on continuous monitor. What am I going to do? . IV, LABS & FLUID. Establish an IV, preferably large bore and draw blood for labs and run POC labs if you have this capability. Ensure to draw an extra lavender on ice for your ammonia. Fluids. Unless they have a contraindication, they could use them. Just start them slow because if they are a bleed you don’t want to raise their blood pressure and increase the bleeding. LABS to focus on first: Hgb/Hct | Coags | Ammonia | Liver Profile | Lytes. . CT HEAD. No waiting for the ammonia level to rule out hyperammonemia. Your doc will most likely want that CT ASAP! . LACTULOSE. In the case of hyperammonemia this medication decreases ammonia levels by drawing ammonia from the blood into the large intestine, as well as more fluid, working like a laxative. So have fun cleaning it up! Luckily they’ll most likely be getting admitted so send a fair warning to the floor nurses. This could be a “ show”. . NEUROLOGIST/NEUROSURGERY. If the pt has a confirmed bleed this is where we involve neurology. The patient could be anything as minimal as an admit to Neuro and watch with frequent Neuro checks or require surgical intervention. . Other possible tests. BC’s (because everyone’s possible sepsis these days ). UA/DUA. EKG. MRI. . #Sponsored By @cherokeeuniforms Workwear Revolution . ‼️ Any questions/additions drop em below! ‼️ . #AMS #ERNurse #NurseLife #StudentNurse

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From me to you ❤️❤️❤️ #valentinesday

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