Personat kanë agjëruar dy herë në javë dhe kanë përfituar rezultate të tilla

Personat kanë agjëruar dy herë në javë dhe kanë përfituar rezultate të tilla

Agjërimi i përherëshëm e njohur si IF, është bërë një nga trendet më të njohura shëndetësore dhe palestër.

Agjërimi i përhershëm nuk është nodonjë dietë e cila përcakton se çfarë duhet të hani, por kur duhet të hani, shkruan metdan, përcjell

Agjërimi i vazhdueshëm përfshin privim nga ushqimi për 16 orë ose agjërim për 24 orë, dy herë në javë.

Qëllimi i kësaj metode të agjërimit është që të ketë “dritare të veçanta “ të hahet gjatë gjithë ditës. Kjo do të thotë që sapo të mbyllet dritarja e ngrënies, nuk ju lejohet të hani më. Sapo të kalojnë këto 16 orë, ju keni vetëm tetë orë për të ngrënë.

Edhe pse kjo nuk është një dietë, disa njerëz që kanë provuar këtë metodë agjërimi kanë vënë re disa ndryshime në peshën e tyre. Shikoni transformimet e 10 personave ./21Media

I do a lot of comparisons photos, but it helps keep me motivated. It’s crazy to think I have lost 63+ pounds between these two pictures and still have 5 more months to go until my goal of one year! . Add me on Snapchat: Rachellynn1993 Follow my weight loss journey on YouTube! Link in the bio! . #curvy #curvygirl #curvywomen #effyourbeautystandards #sizedoesntmatter #loveyourself #fashion #intermittentfasting #alterndatedayfasting #ADF #IF #fasting #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #lifestylechange #weightlossjourney #naturalweightloss #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformation #fitnessjourney #60poundsdown #60pluspoundsdown #youtuber #vlogger #dailyvlogger #igtransformations #doingthisforme

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Down 56lbs! This time last year vs. this year. Check out my guide on intermittent fasting on how I did it (link in my profile). . It has been exactly one year since I started #IntermittentFasting and it has been beyond #lifechanging for me. . In 1 year since adopting an intermittent #fasting lifestyle, I have: . 🔹#weightloss of 56.4 lbs 🔹went down 12% #bodyfat . 🔹dropped 50.5 inches around my body . 🔹gone from a size 14 to a 4. 🔹moved from being categorized as ‘obese’ to ‘normal weight’ according to my BMI. 🔹no more issues with sleep apnea, being pre-diabetic or high blood pressure . I wrote about how I do the intermittent fasting lifestyle in a guide (link in my bio). . So what’s next for me? Now that I’ve hit my first big #crazy, #unthinkable #goal of losing 55lbs, I’m excited to layer in #weightlifting with intermittent fasting. My goal is to stop looking at the scale and instead focus on increasing lean #muscle mass and reduce body fat. For anyone interested in the next part of my #journey, I’d love to share it with you. Stay tuned. . Final thought: Who needs a #NewYears goal when you can make #today #Day1 of a #lifechanging goal? :)

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#TransformationTuesday 2/2/2017 vs 27/2/2018 I loved the dress that I’m wearing in the first pic. I thought I looked great in it and I actually wore it to other events I was invited to. I bought the dress because I thought it was flattering for my shape and I thought it hid my tummy…until this picture was taken and I saw it. I was pushing 76-77 kg in this picture. I was big, unhealthy and very unhappy. I hid my real feelings behind that fake smile and I was an emotional eater. I was lazy and at this stage had stopped going to the gym, my diet was high in carbs and sugar. I was drinking up to 4 cans of pepsi a day and eating take away a couple of times a week. I really didn’t have any plans to change my lifestyle. What was my wake up call? A letter from the NDSS (National Diabetes Service Scheme) reminding me that I needed to sit a diabetes test. It was my second reminder. I ignored the first one. But for some reason reading the second reminder scared the crap out of me, I lost my father to advanced renal failure and I refused to go down that road. I needed to sort my shit out and get healthy and loose weight. So I did. This is me now. I have lost 8 kilos since November (when I started a ketogenic lifestyle) and I’m motivated to loose more. I’m also not the same girl that you see in the first pic. I smile because I’m genuinely happy. I eat because I need to fuel my body. I am the key to my own success. If I don’t remain positive and motivated I will go back to my old ways and I absolutely refuse to be that girl again. Don’t just read those success stories. Become the author of your own. Keto on xx

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((SWIPE)) Today is day 90 in my weight loss/fitness journey. I share my story because it has and may continue to help others. All thanks to this ill fitting black mermaid dress…i tried that dress on 1/8 and never looked back. I’ve been living in someone else’s body too long. Changed my diet immediately and eased my way into a fitness regimen. Today i workout 5x a week and have eliminated sugar, processed foods and drinks. I love the progress I’m making but also the way I feel. I run with my son. I dance with my daughters. I’m energetic and happy. This is reminding me of ME! 35 pounds and counting. Wish I’d measured in inches too! Oh well! #weightlossjourney #fitnik #fitnessjourney #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #beforeandduring #beastmode #byebyebabyweight #momoffour #happy #eatrightfeelright #intermittentfasting #naturalweightloss #cleaneating

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Picture on the left is a bit (a lot) embarrassing but how can I inspire you to keep going if I don’t show you where I just was? Back in May I started a Summer Sizzling challenge with 15 other friends. I was 158 lbs. The first month I lost about 3 lbs and since I was drinking and eating my face off each weekend, I was happy with that. At least the weight was going down. I was working out about 4-5 times a week. Counting macros is still a lot of tracking your food. I briefly dipped to 149, but then I blinked and was back to holding steady at 154. The process was so slow! Mid-August I had spent an exhausting week reading/watching/listening to everything I could learn about Intermittent Fasting and jumped in. I’m now into my 9th week and weight about 142 -(give or take some water weight) I’ve lost 12 lbs so far, about 1 lb a week, but I’m very happy with that! This is what has happened in the last 9 weeks: – right away a mental fog lifted, I felt more clear headed. – I lost 4 lbs right away but still losing an average of 1 lb a week. – I workout LESS. 3 times a week, maybe 4. Depends. I no longer beat myself up if I don’t. Last week I didn’t workout at all and I was totally fine with it. – I’m what they call a mix between 20/4 and “eat stop eat” I do 2-24 hour fasts a week and on other days I have a 4 hour window. Saturday I drink and eat whatever I want after 4 pm. Sunday I enjoy breakfast and eat whatever during football till 6pm then stop eating to get a jump on the week. – I have a ton of energy and I’m getting shit done! So much extra time when I’m not planning out meals and have “food lethargy” all day long. This exists- you probably don’t even know how much food weighs us down during the day. – I know that while fasting my body is repairing itself from the inside. It’s not using all its energy digesting so now my body focuses on repair. So on days I’m discouraged I just keep going! – this is a lifestyle now for me. I’m in it for good! #intermittentfastingsavedme

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